Life-changing experiences make me wonder what the essence of life is. It makes me think about what is really important and fulfilling to me. I believe it has something to do with energy to learn and create. An invisible, energetic power. Let’s call it aether, as in ancient Greek philosophy. Since I started painting objects from my daily environment, something has changed. While focusing on the physical presence of an object and translating it through paint, I was taken on an unknown journey. I began to wonder about the origin of the object. Who made it, with what materials and with what energy? And also: what is my relation to the object? Slowly I realized that it is this invisible context that is moving me forward. By visualizing in illusion I became part of this invisible context. That must have been the reason why I started painting people who are asleep. Wondering where we are while we sleep. Through the softness of the skin, the image gives an insight of the world of aether. Whether I work with oil paint or watercolour, I always work with thin layers. This approach gives me access to a transparent world that I like to feed in silence, love and attention.